Welcome to our  Cannabis Social Club in Lanzarote! (CSC)

Canalanza Cannabis Club Lanzarote,  the reference if you are looking for the best quality marijuana. More than hundred varieties with different thc levels. sour diesel, white widow, northern lights, og kush, kalikush, critical bilbo, and many many more cannabis strain.

Our experienced staff will guide you in a professional and individual way. In our Cannabis club, you will find a familiar and quiet environment as we strive to offer you the highest levels of quality, health safety and the highest customer service every day.

In our club, both Medical Cannabis (CBD) consumers and Recreational Marijuana (THC) consumers can enjoy. 

To be able to access our family of members, come to our club in Puerto del Carmen, and our team of experts will inform you of the necessary requirements. We hope to see you soon!

Cannabis near me please!

If you are in the canaries and you are visiting Lanzarote, or if you are a weed traveler or you are reading this in the east London, or in a coffee shop in london or even in broadway market and you are in the need of trying top marijuana come to Puerto del Carmen to Canalanza Cannabis Club! you all are welcomed!

cogollos cbd canalanza
cannabis strain Canalanza


What do I need to become a member?

So definitely you have decided to stand up from the sofa and to come to roll up some stuff and enjoy it with us. Congratulations, we are waiting for you! 

First of all you have to be over 18 years old.

If so, all you need to bring with you is a photo Id of you of some kind and pay the 10€ lifetime membership at our reception.

That’s all. Quite simple isn’t it?

Canalanza en Lanzarote
Canalanza en Lanzarote


What’s different from Canalanza from other Coffee shops?

We don’t know to be honest and we don’t know what others do and even if they say that they are the best coffe shop

We have over 100 varieties. We look after the seed until we get a potent strain. We never use chemicals, all is natural and respectful.

As soon as you sign at our reception, you will meet our master in flying Octavio. He will be guiding you through the different options and tastes. Trust me he’s the one nobody came back to claim.

At the dispensary you will see and smell all these varieties. All of them in front of you at your nose. You can also get cbd products like cbd flowers or cbd oils or cbd creams. You can pay by card with contactless if you like.

You can enjoy some soft drinks or coffee or tea. All of them are at very low prices. The federation coffee will be happy to enjoy a canalanza´s coffee. We do it with natural coffee beans with espresso bar and clear filter coffees for a really good coffee.

Do you like to smoke weed and listen to music? 

At our cannabis club you can relax, smoke and even dance if you like! We have a selection of music that you can follow us at spotify. Octavio is the DJ at Canalanza, he is always selecting the music for every single day. 

Do you like to smoke weed and to play billiards?

At our cannabis club canalanza you can play some balls, smoke good weed and listen to some good music. For sure you will have fun. 

Play some billiards at Canalanza cannabis club
Play some billiards at Canalanza cannabis club

Do you like a peaceful place and smoke weed?

You are lucky too! We have a quiet little corner with a comfortable sofa and it’s all for you! So roll up your stuff, light it up and relax. You are in Paradise!

What’s the timetable at Canalanza?

You can come to visit us from Monday to Saturday from 11 AM to 22 PM. Sundays we are closed as we need a recovery day after giving the best of us every week.

How to get to Canalanza?

You can come walking if you are in puerto del carmen, or asking for a taxi in puerto del carmen. We are in front of the Casino, and the bus stop is in front of us.

Come to visit us at Canalanza!